Life after 40

A good Friend of mine quitted his corporate job on his 40th birthday, for a job that is “more mundane”.

To slow down his pace of life, and improve his quality of living.

I have always found it inspiring, and seeing how he was spending better quality time with his family, and actually living.

No more rushing to the office, no more bringing laptop home, no more late-night office calls, no more week-long overseas business trips.

For many years, the pursuit of wealth has always kept me moving. I don’t need fast cars (heck, I rather take MRT),

but I fancy bigger houses, nicer vacations, etc…

But now that I’m past 40, the realistic side of me comes in and starts questioning my vanity.

If I spend $10k less on holidays, doesn’t it mean I can afford to earn $10k less?

Though money can buy me more options in life, does it necessarily mean that the sacrifice is worth it?

If I can have savings when my pay was low, why can’t I have a lot more savings when the pay goes up a few times?

What have I sacrificed over the years, for the sake of “living a more comfortable life”?

It’s amazing what a few months at home can do to a boring mind. 😅

Good afternoon, Friends!

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