The Creative Opportunist

I have seen many people losing jobs in this crisis…

And it’s interesting to see 2 kinds of people.

1) Some say f*ck my life.
These are the guys who resigned to their fate. They stay passive, because “wahlau eh, nobody wants to take taxi, what you want me to do??”

So these guys stay home. They apply for handouts. They spend less. They see “useless news” like which are the top 5 countries with Covid19 (as if they are traveling anytime soon).

And they just waste their life and wait… and pray things will be back to normal soon.

Now I’m not saying it’s “wrong” to do this if you are content to take a little break after working non stop for the past few decades.

But please man up, if you CHOOSE to leave things to fate, don’t complain. You might be jobless but at least you still have an HDB flat to stay in.

It’s not like you are homeless and sleeping on the streets with a blanket, and a red cup begging for money.

2) And then there are the creative opportunists.
These are the taxi drivers who initiate bulk food deliveries. You might have joined that SK/PG taxi driver who helps packet Amoy lor mee to all the sengkang/punggol people stuck at home (with nothing to do but eat. Haha, Singapore’s favorite past time).

Or you could be part of the people who have taken the chance to leverage on the internet. Many of my Friends have started live trading, doing freelance services. Tuition centers are quickly adapting to online classes (and I kind of enjoy not having to physically bring my kids to classes. Ok, except swimming class I don’t know how to do that at home).

Go Udemy and pick up new skills. Learn how to make money from the dropship. Go read a book to be a better dad. Pick up a new exercise routine at home.

Having to stay home for the late 2 months is a once in a lifetime opportunity for us to seriously plan the path for our future. Instead of creating your lifestyle around a job, how about creating a job around your desired lifestyle?

Anyway, it’s going to be a very different world out there when this Covid thing is over.

I hope you are ready for the New World.

And leveraging on exciting opportunities that are created with every problem.

Take care always, Friends.

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