There will come a time..

If you are holding a normal job…

There will come a time when either you want to leave the Company, or the Company wants to leave you.

What happens the day after that?
I have seen people getting their Grab license, study diplomas, brushing up secondary employment skills before that happens… and I’m happy for them.

Plan B is important. If you have a company, or you are in a high position…

There will come a time when you stop working. You will just be like anyone of us. From formal suits to la kopi at the coffee shop, you start observing things that you had neglected over the years.

What happens after that?
If you have been loving the guys who worked their a** for you, they will be happy to stay in touch with you after that. There’s real Friendship. There’s respect.

If you have a kid…
There will come a time when the kids are all grown. They might have a family, gotten busy in their careers, or even be stationed in another country.

What happens after that?
You will be left at home with your Spouse. And that’s why the relationship with Spouse is important with growing kids. Keep it alive. Don’t put your Spouse 2nd priority after the Kids.

If you have good health…
There will come a time when you will get old. Your body becomes rugged. And you will no longer be able to play golf, dance, and whatever physical exercises that made you feel human.

What happens after that?
Sit on the sidelines and watch the youngsters doing what you used to love? I don’t know…

But when you are very aware that there will come a time… that’s when you REALLY go all out to make today a REALLY special day.

Hi Friends!
Today is beautiful, isn’t it? 😊

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