Your Best Day

Your best day is not your average day.

During the good times, everything goes smoothly well. The stars are aligned, and everyone’s happy.

But don’t take that for granted. Just because you make $100 in a certain day doesn’t mean you extrapolate that and assume that will be $3k/month.

Because rainy days do come. There are floods, just like there are droughts. You want to be the ant that has stocked up during the sunny days, so there’s the food during winter times.

Recently, I got to know some new friends who have a taste of some quick successes. Good for them, but my simple reminder for them was “don’t go around telling all your family and friends about your win. It does nothing (except a small boost in ego).

Because the day will come when there are dips, and that’s when you stay quiet because nobody flaunts a failure”

Instead, during the good times, it’s important to work even harder to leverage on the momentum and make it a bigger win. Whatever you make in excess, is not meant for you to splurge. It’s for reinvesting and for your rainy day funds.

Celebrate small wins, but remember the journey has just started. Success is an ongoing game, have enough water to fill your humps as you cross the desert.

Cheering you guys on (you know who u are!)

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