Too short, too unpredictable

Many years ago, a group of people was standing at a bus stop at Bendemeer Road, waiting for their usual bus.

Suddenly, a bus accidentally veered into the bus stop… killing a few people on the spot.

It was a casual news article that I read, but it was something that always happens as at the back of my mind for over 20 years.

Life can be so unpredictable… so fragile.

One of the many things that I learnt from Sifu was never to take life for granted. Yes I know it sounds very cliche, very common sense, but there is a lot of depth in this statement.

He would tell me, before I go to sleep, make peace with the Wifey and ensure everyone goes to sleep on a good mood. Waking up is something that we always take for granted… not everyone gets up the next day.

And that’s precisely why we should feel really blessed every single day we get up.

And before you step out of the house, always say goodbye. While it may seems like formality, courtesy or whatever you call it, no one knows what’s gonna happen in the next few hours… so make sure you leave home with everyone happy.

And if you are in a Cold War with a loved one or Friend… please, don’t do it. It’s just plain silly.

Life is too short enough for regrets.

Appreciate today. Really really appreciate.

Have a good day ahead.

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