Be the Man with the Plan

For decades, I have always been proud of my main money-making skill. I am that damn good and fast when it comes to creating and automating useful reports.

Give me any data and logic, and I can easily piece up something useable within 24 hours.

And I won’t lie – getting acknowledgment from peers and conducting so many classes over the years reaffirms my confidence. I feed off my ego. An attention seeker, if you called it. 😅

But one day (10 years ago), while having lunch with some of my Friends, a Friend asked me a very innocent question..

“What if your skill goes redundant one day when technology changes?”

It was meant as a very innocent question, but it haunted me that night. I was in my early 30s then, a young and reckless guy who just live for the moment…
and I suddenly realized that one day I will be in my 40s, my 50s, my 60s, and the world would be a very different place.

So I started asking myself what my secondary skill is. And I had none.

So I spent the next many years discovering what I really wanted as a secondary skill….And as I talked to more people, I slowly discovered what my passion is, and made it my secondary skill… and started building it from zero.

After all, as you grow older, you start to think less about yourself, and more about what you can give back to society during your limited lifetime.

I called it Plan B. And I kept building on it over the years, not knowing when it will ever be executed.

But having a Plan B gives me reassurance over the years. And greater confidence as I go about doing the status quo. Because when you have a backup plan, you can go about living your daily life knowing that your world will not collapse if your current skill goes redundant someday.

With this circuit breaker going on, and you are held up at home, is it time to slow down and start thinking of your Plan B?

Always dig a well before you need the water. Even if you have to dig it a decade earlier.

Have an awesome day ahead, Friends! 🙂

Don’t pray for more money

Money doesn’t guarantee happiness, but it can solve many problems.

While it seems easy to just pray to God for money, money does not fall from the sky.

God did not give us 2 hands to pray – he gave us 2 hands to work for whatever we want in life.

Pray for the courage, to do something necessarily different.

Pray for the mindset, to stop being stubborn.

Pray for the wisdom, to unlearn and learn.

Pray for the determination, to stop only when you are done.

Pray for the focus, so you don’t get blindsided by shiny objects.

Pray for the newfound time
, to develop your skills.

Pray for the future you, so you start acting like one.

And may that help you attract whatever you seek.

Have an Angelic day, Friends.